How can I sign up?

Open the app or the website. Press (new registration) and fill the required fields. Press "send", and you'll sign in automatically.

How can I Evaluate a restaurant?

To review a restaurant, press (Evaluate restaurants) box and choose the restaurant you want to evaluate. Choose the rating from a five-points rating scale, add photos with the receipt write your review and press send.

Dow you perform a review of the reviews before publishing it?

Certainly, we review all written reviews and photos before publishing.

Are there any competitions or monthly rewards on the website?

There will be competitions and rewards available to all registered users soon.

Can restaurants owners write reviews about their own restaurants in the website?

Restaurants owners can use the app or website for reading purposes only. They can't change any review or delete any photo.

Can I submit suggestion to the website, and how can I contact you?

All members can submit suggestions and website, owners will assess it carefully. Press "menu" then choose "suggestions and complaints" or "contact us". Write your suggestion and press "submit". You can also contact us via E-mail or the website.

How can I make a complaint?

You can send us your complaints through "suggestions and complaints" box. Administrators will investigate and assess it carefully.

Can I make a complaint about a restaurant through the website?

The website doesn't publish any complaint from any member no matter what. You have to contact the responsible authorities directly.

Can I add a new restaurant to evaluate? And how?

You can do that by opening " Evaluate restaurant" page, then answer the five ratings points, add the food receipt and write any comment you'd like to add, if any.

What are the bases of categorizing the restaurants?

We categorize the restaurants based on the international and local cuisines in the country.

Does the site contain restaurants' ratings only? Or does it include bakeries, coffee shops and patisseries as well?

The site includes restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops and patisseries, in addition to a lot of various food categories.

Does it include restaurants in Kuwait only or all of Arab world?

Currently, the rating is limited to Kuwait restaurants only, but it will include restaurants from some Arab and Gulf countries soon.

Are there any accounts to "Shrayek" on social media?

There are accounts to "Shrayek" on social media like Facebook, Instagram and twitter.

Can I re-evaluate a restaurant for better or worse?

You can evaluate the restaurant every time, but you have to prove your visit to it by providing formal receipt.

Can restaurants owners add their own restaurants and update their dishes?

Restaurants owners add their own restaurants and update their dishes by contacting site administrators.